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Location Names Title Membership Type
  Kneehill County   Al Hoggan CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Wheatland County   Alan Parkin CLGM   Chief Administrative Officer   Regular
  Powell River Regional District   Allan Radke CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Clear Hills County   Audrey Bjorklund CLGM   Community Development Manager   Regular
  Beaver County   Bob Beck CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Smoky Lake County of   Brenda Adamson CLGM   Finance Manager   Regular
  Minburn County   Brent Williams     Associate
  Saddle Hills County   Brian Ballard CLGM   Director, PRotective Services   Regular
  Taber MD of   Bryan Badura CLGM   Manager of Finance   Regular
  Grande Prairie County of   Catilyn Barbutza   Safety Coordinator   Associate
  Clearwater County   Christine Heggart CLGM   Manager, Intergovernmental & Legislative Services   Regular
  Leduc County   Christine Holman CLGM   Manager, Payroll & Financial Compliance   Regular
  Foothills, MD of   Christine Hummel CLGM   Director of Corporate Services   Regular
  Yellowhead County   Christopher Read CLGM   Director, Community Services   Regular
  Willow Creek, MD of   Cynthia Vizzutti CLGM   Chief Administrative Officer   Regular
  County of Grande Prairie   Daniel Lemieux CLGM   Director of Community Services   Regular
  Minburn, County of   David Marynowich   County Manager   Associate
  Kneehill County   Debra Grosfield CLGM   Communications Officer   Regular
  Taber, M.D. of   Derrick Krizsan CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Lac Ste Anne County   Diane Wannamaker CLGM     Regular
  Leduc County   Duane Coleman CLGM   County Manager   Regular
  Leduc County   Garett Broadbent CLGM   Director Ag. Services   Regular
  Woodlands County   Gordon Frank CLGM   Director, Planning & Protective Services   Regular
  Foothills, MD of   Harry Riva Cambrin CLGM   Manager   Regular
  Yellowhead County   Jack Ramme CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Parkland County   James Leskiw CLGM   Supervisor, Agricultural Agronomics   Regular
  Thorhild County   Janelle Corneilus   Chief Financial Officer   Student
  Wetaskiwin, County of   Jeff Chipley   Assistant CAO   Associate
  Cypress County   Jeffrey Dowling CLGM     Regular
  Taber, MD of   Jeremy Wickson   Director, Public Works   Associate
  Foothills, MD of   Johanna Kortenschyl-Allan CLGM   Community Services Assistant   Regular
  Big Lakes County   Jordan Panasiuk   Deputy CAO   Associate
  Saddle Hills County   Joulia Whittleton CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Parkland County   Ken Van Buul CLGM   General Manager, Corporate Services Division   Regular
  Smoky River, MD of   Kevin Cymbaluk CLGM   Superintendent of PW   Regular
  St Paul, County of   Kyle Attanasio   Director, Corporate Services   Associate
  Saddle Hills County   Laurie Jackson CLGM   Planning Manager   Regular
  Kneehill County   Laurie Watt CLGM   Assistant CAO   Regular
  Westlock County   Leo Ludwig CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Foothills, MD of   Leslie Fitzgerald CLGM     Regular
  Woodlands County   Luc Mercier CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Beaver County   Margaret Jones CLGM   Assistant CAO   Regular
  Starland County   Matthew Kreke CLGM   Project Manager   Regular
  Lacombe County   Meghan Richer-Poth   Human Resources Coordinator   Associate
  Lacombe County   Michael Kartusch CLGM   Information Technology Coordinator   Regular
  Lacombe County   Michael Minchin CLGM   Manager of Corporate Services   Regular
  Greenview, MD of   Mike Haugen CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Lac Ste Anne County   Mike Primeau CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Cardston County   Murray Millward CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Northern Sunrise County   Olive Toews CLGM   Director of Legislative Services   Regular
  Vermilion River, County of   Rhonda King CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Clearwater County   Rick Emmons CLGM     Regular
  Smoky River MD of   Rita Therriault CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Greenview, MD of   Rosemary Offrey CLGM   GM, Corporate Services   Regular
  Big Lakes County   Roy Brideau CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Athabasca County   Ryan Maier CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Mountain View County   Ryan Morrison CLGM   Mgr Infrastructure Projects & Tec Services   Regular
  Foothills, MD   Ryan Payne CLGM   Deputy CAO   Regular
  Warner No 5, County of   Shawn Hathaway CLGM   CAO   Regular
  St. Paul, County of   Sheila Kitz CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Flagstaff County   Shelly Armstrong CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Taber MD of   Sherrilyn Crombez CLGM   HR Manager   Regular
  Grande Prairie, County of   Sheryle Runhart     Associate
  Athabasca County   Shirley Moerman   Director of Planning & Economic Development   Associate
  Brazeau County   Tara McGinn   Assistant Ag Fieldman   Student
  Cypress County   Tarolyn Aaserud CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Lac Ste Anne County   Teresa Olsen     Student
  Northern Lights, MD of   Theresa Van Oort CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Ponoka County   Thomas Webber   Assistant CAO   Associate
  Lacombe County   Tim Timmons CLGM   County Manager   Regular
  Parkland County   Tracy Kibblewshite CLGM   General Manager, Chief Financal Office   Regular
  Sturgeon County   Travis L. Peter CLGM   Manager, Community & Intergovernmental Planning   Regular