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Location Names Title Membership Type
  Edmonton   Aileen Geisbrecht CLGM   Deputy City Clerk & Director of Governance and Legislative Services (Acting)   Regular
  Brooks   Alan Martens CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Lethbridge   Aleta Neufeld CLGM   Deputy City Clerk   Regular
  Brooks   Amy Rommens CLGM   Manager, Administration   Regular
  Grande Prairie   Arlen Miller CLGM     Regular
  Calgary   Beth Ranger CLGM   Coordinator, Administratve Support   Regular
  Spruce Grove   Corey Levasseur CLGM   General Manager, Planning and Infrastructure   Regular
  Leduc   Darrell Melvie CLGM   GM, Community & Protective Services   Regular
  Lloydminster   Denise MacDonald CLGM   Chief Financial Officer   Regular
  Leduc   Gerry Kelly CLGM   Deputy Fire Chief   Regular
  Grande Prairie   Horacio Galanti   Community Safety Director   Associate
  Leduc   Irene Sasyniuk CLGM   GM, Corporate Services   Regular
  Grande Prairie   Janine Saastad CLGM   Deputy Fire Chief   Regular
  Leduc   Jennifer Cannon CLGM   Director, Finance   Regular
  Edmonton   Jesse Sopko CLGM   Corporate Access & Privacy Manager, Office of the City Manager   Regular
  Chestermere   John Popoff CLGM   Director of Development and Infrastructure Services   Regular
  Red Deer   Kelly Kloss CLGM   Director, Development Services   Regular
  Grande Prairie   Kinza Trimm   Admin. Service Manager   Associate
  Spruce Grove   Louise Frostad CLGM   Chief Financial Officer   Regular
  Wetaskiwin   Lucien Cloutier CLGM   Manager Legislative Serices   Regular
  Lloydminster   Marilyn Lavoie CLGM   Manager, Legislative Services   Regular
  Grande Prairie   Michelle Gairdner CLGM   Community Services Marketing Coordinator   Regular
  Leduc   Michelle Hay CLGM   Director of Government & Corporate Planning   Regular
  Leduc   Mike Pieters CLGM   General Manager Infrastructure & Planning   Regular
  Fernie, BC   Norm McInnis CLGM   CAO & Corporate Officer   Regular
  Leduc   Paul Benedetto CLGM   City Manager   Regular
  Grande Prairie   Reginald Hammond CLGM   Assistant Finance Manager   Regular
  Fort Saskatchewan   Richard Gagnon CLGM   Director, Infrastructure Management   Regular
  Airdrie   Sharon Pollyck CLGM   City Clerk   Regular
  Leduc   Shaun Olson     Student
  Grande Prairie   Susan Walker CLGM   FDinance Manager   Regular
  St. Allbert   Trevor Duley CLGM   Manager, Government Relations   Regular
  Fort Saskatchewan   Troy Fleming   City Manager   Associate