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Location Names Title Membership Type
  Consort, Village   Sandra Kulyk   CAO   Inactive
    John Davey   CLGM   On Leave
  Summer Villages on Sylvan Lake   Phyllis Forsyth   CAO   Please Select
    Blaine Alexander CLGM     Regular
    Del Dyck CMA CLGM     Regular
  RMA   Gerald Rhodes CLGM   Executive Director   Regular
  MuniCon Ltd   Steve Thompson CLGM   President   Regular
    Louise Frostad CLGM     Regular
    Rob Stoutenberg CLGM     Regular
    Doug Henderson CLGM     Regular
    Allan J Harvey CLGM     Regular
    Theresa Musser CLGM     Regular
    Larry E. Kirkpatrick CLGM     Regular
  P Vincent Consulting   Pat Vincent CLGM   President   Regular
  Pommen Group   Dennis Pommen CLGM   President   Regular
  Newman Consulting Services Corp.   Corinne J. Newman CLGM   President   Regular
  Alberta Utilities Commission   Neil Jamieson CLGM   Commissioner   Regular
  Local Government Administration Association   Carol Revega CLGM   Executive Director   Regular
    Brad Watson CLGM     Regular
    Tony Martens CLGM     Regular
  Foremost, Village of   Kelly Callhoun CLGM   Municipal Administrator   Regular
  Mountain View Regional Water Commission   John VanDoesburg CLGM   Administrator   Regular
  SLGM   Linda M. Davies CLGM   Executive Director / Registrar   Regular
  Darryl Rubis Consulting   Darryl Rubis CLGM   President   Regular
  Mybudgetfile Inc   Tom Olson CLGM   President   Regular
  Local Government Leadership (LGL) Institute   Dr. Gordon McIntosh CLGM   President   Regular
  Oberg & Oberg   Mark Oberg CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Alberta Municipal Affairs   Coral Murphy CLGM   Manager, Municipal Sustainability & Information   Regular
  Summer Villages   Sylvia Roy CLGM   Administrator   Regular
  Alberta Municipal Affairs   Linda Reynolds CLGM   Sustanability Advisor   Regular
  e.Commerce Services   John Graham CLGM   President   Regular
    James (Jim) Laslo CLGM     Regular
  Civic Solutions Inc   Lavinia Henderson CLGM   President   Regular
  Rockyford Village of   Elaine Macdonald CLGM   CAO   Regular
    Anna Butler CLGM     Regular
  ICE Consulting Ltd.   Sandy Chrapko CLGM     Regular
  Walker Connections Canada Inc   William T. Walker CLGM   President   Regular
  Sage Analytics Inc   Shari-Anne Doolaege CLGM   Owner   Regular
    Melody Wolansky CLGM     Regular
    Chris Jardine CLGM     Regular
  Alberta Municipal Affairs   Debra McCann CLGM   Advisor   Regular
  Municipal Government Board   Sheldon Steinke CLGM   Member   Regular
    Edward (Ed) LeBlanc CLGM     Regular
  Govt. of AB Corporate Human Resouces   Dean Screpnek CLGM   Asistant Deputy Minister   Regular
    Kathy Wolansky, CLGM CLGM     Regular
  Itaska Beach, Summer Village of   June Boyda CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Hussar, Village of   Blaine Peterson CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Grande Prairie   Greg Scerbak CLGM     Regular
    Larry Davidson CLGM     Regular
    Adam Clarkson CLGM     Regular
  Grande Spirit Foundation   Steve Madden CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Port Alice, Village of   Ronald Campbell CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Alberta Municipal Affairs   Jennifer Maskoske CLGM   Municipal Advisor   Regular
    Surekha Kanzig CLGM     Regular
  Cremona, Village of   Luana Smith CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Douglas B. Lagore Consulting   Douglas Lagore, CLGM CLGM   President   Regular
  Warner, Village of   Jon Hood CLGM   CAO   Regular
    Frank Coutney CLGM     Regular
  Irma, Village of   Neil Loonen CLGM   CAO   Regular
  Hythe, Village of   Greg Gayton CLGM   CAO   Regular
    Dave Dmytryshyn CLGM     Regular
    Dianne Nellis CLGM     Regular
  Delburne Village of   Karen Fegan CLGM   CAO   Regular
    Case VanHerk CLGM     Regular
  Alberta Department of Energy   Katherine Chan CLGM   Executive Director/Senior Financial Officer   Regular
    Maureen Chalack CLGM     Regular
    Joan Parker   CLGM   Retired
    Michael Yakielashek     Retired
    Marlene Bowen   CLGM   Retired
    Larry Schewenneker   CLGM   Retired
    Tony Goode     Retired
    Jeff Graves   CLGM   Retired
    Jim Simpson   CLGM   Retired
    Greg Birch     Retired
    Glenn Pitman     Retired
    Gerard Nicolet   CLGM   Retired
    Wayne Bullock     Retired
    Renate Bensch     Retired
    Ted Tymchuk, CLGM     Retired
    Harvey Prockiw   CLGM   Retired
    Terry Hager CLGM     Retired
  Terry Broome Consulting   Terry Broome   President   Retired
    Randy Dubord     Retired
    Faye Kary, CLGM     Retired
    Robert Watt     Retired
    Dwight Stanford     Retired
    Lutz Perschon, CLGM     Retired
    Jim Squire CLGM     Retired
    Dianna Nemeth   CLGM   Retired
    Lucien Turcotte     Retired
    Ken Anderson   CLGM   Retired
    Stan Ogrodniczuk     Retired
    Ian Gray   CLGM   Retired
    Doug Wright     Retired
    Janette Ferguson CLGM     Retired
    Brian D. Austrom     Retired
    David Edey   CLGM   Retired
    Mina Montroy   CLGM   Retired
    Richard Persson   CLGM   Retired
    John Lijdsman   CLGM   Retired
    Bob Stonehouse     Retired
    Dick Scotnicki   CLGM   Retired
    Valerie Schmaltz   CLGM   Retired
    Tom Roberts   CLGM   Retired
    Mona Sylvestre     Retired
    Larry E. Powley   CLGM   Retired
    Dale Withage     Retired
    Helen Patterson   CLGM   Retired
    Jack Pallo     Retired
    John Montgomery   CLGM   Retired
    Dorothy McVey   CLGM   Retired
    Linda McDonald   CLGM   Retired
    Neil Brodie   CLGM   Retired
    Myra Raugust   CLGM   Retired
    Joanne Irwin     Retired
    Jennifer McAdam, CLGM     Retired
    Brian Bowles   CLGM   Retired
    Denise Exton   CLGM   Retired
    Norma MacQuarrie   CLGM   Retired
    David Dubauskas     Retired
    Joyce Sydnes     Retired
    Michel Savard     Retired
    Ed Koberstein   CLGM   Retired
    Catherine Dunn   CLGM   Retired
    Denise Exton CLGM     Retired
    Dale Mather   CLGM   Retired
    Donald Hrynyk     Retired
    Geroge Lejbjuk, CLGM     Retired
    LaReata Workman   CLGM   Retired
    Rosemary Wittevrongel, CLGM     Retired
    John De Bruijn   CLGM   Retired
    Richard Armstrong   CLGM   Retired
    George Balash     Retired
  Honorary Life Member   Edward LeSage Jr., HCLGM   Porfessor Emeritus   Retired
  Honorary Life Member   Bert Einsiedel Jr., HCLGM   Professor Emeritus   Retired
  Honorary Life Member   Roelof Heinen, HCLGM     Retired
    James Baldwin   CLGM   Retired
    Keith Bender   CLGM   Retired
    Lynda Berry   CLGM   Retired
    Earl Briscoe   CLGM   Retired
    Gilbert Boddez   CLGM   Retired
    Gerald Bussieres   CLGM   Retired
    Jens Byrgesen   CLGM   Retired
    John Leskiw   CLGM   Retired
    Marilyn Crossen     Retired
    Wayne Horner   CLGM   Retired
    John Kapalka   CLGM   Retired
    John Jeffery   CLGM   Retired
    Brian Jobson   CLGM   Retired
    Bob Jenkins   CLGM   Retired
    John Crisp   CLGM   Retired
    Corinne Huberdeau   CLGM   Retired
    Ken Hollinger   CLGM   Retired
    Brenda Hemming   CLGM   Retired
    Ruben Hartfelder   CLGM   Retired
    Pat Harrington   CLGM   Retired
    Wyatt Glebe   CLGM   Retired
    Angie Gibeault     Retired
    Herman Epp   CLGM   Retired
    Doug Irwin   CLGM   Retired
  Robert A Doonanco Inc   Roy Donnanco   President   Student
    Jill Henderson     Student
  Rocky View Foundation   Carol Borschnek   CAO   Student