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Educational Opportunities

Below are the Educational Opportunities that are currently available. Please check back for more information as it comes accessible.

Olds College: Agronomy Certificate Program

Prepare to support the agri-service industry by gaining practical training in crop production systems, nutrition and protection. This entry-level program answers industry's call for trained crop scouts possessing basic agronomic skills. Interactive online discussion is emphasized to meet the individual learner's needs and an on-campus field school will cap the program of study. You may have had previous post-secondary training but lack specific knowledge in agriculture, or you may have agricultural experience in another country but require specific training in Western Canadian farming practices. Any of these courses, with the exception of the Field School (AGRN 125) can be taken on a stand-alone basis as well.

4 eight-week online courses; 3 credits each
2 one-week, face-to-face, hands-on sessions at Olds College; 3 credits each

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