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Banff Centre

Foundations of Purpose - September 19-23, 2019

Every leader reaches a point where they must pause and take stock of what matters most. Foundations of Purpose uses a range of practices that support participants to explore and navigate this leadership threshold. The program is designed for those who yearn to bring their deepest and most creative potential to their work.

Register by September 10

Cultural Leadership - November 10, 2019 - June 11, 2020

Learn to navigate the complexity of – and explore leadership within – the Canadian arts and culture sector. Through on-site intensives over seven months, this program in collaboration with the National Theatre School builds skills, networks, and knowledge to help leaders make a lasting impact. Significant funding is available.

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Leading by Design - October 20-24, 2019

Experience a design thinking process first-hand to develop the mindsets and methodologies that have sparked many of the world's most engaging experiences, successful initiatives, and entrepreneurial solutions. Develop practices for exploring system-level challenges more deeply and building the confidence to respond in ways that deliver value to those you serve.

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Video: Foundations of Purpose - Alumni Spotlight: Jaime Robson

Watch Jaime Robson's personal reflection on her time at Banff Centre and how it has propelled her into a new phase of her life's work. During Jaime's learning journey, the realization that she'd always had trouble speaking her mind unlocked new potential. Growing into her voice set Jaime on a new path. She is now pursuing a Masters in Social Work, dedicating herself to empowering women and girls.

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Contextual Intelligence - October 19-23, 2019

Expand your awareness of the ever-changing context within which you work – and from which new needs, desires, and possibilities for action are continuously emerging. Sharpen your perspective on big picture trends and your immediate operating reality, so you can better shape initiatives to achieve lasting impact.

Register by October 1

Truth and Reconciliation Through Right Relations -
October 6-10, 2019

Develop a deeper understanding of our shared history with Indigenous peoples, the meaning of reconciliation, and the role all Canadians play in improving our relationship. This program involves learning through ceremonies, lectures, outdoor walks, creative practice, application of theory, individual reflection, and group activity.

Register by September 24

Special offer for Banff Centre Leadership alumni - November 22-24, 2019

The Arts, Culture, and Digital Transformation Summit aims to ignite curiosity and enthusiasm within Canadian art-making practices, which are facing a rapidly digitizing world. Leadership alumni are eligible to register for the Artist Summit+ Pass, which includes on-campus accommodation. If these passes sell out, you will be able to register for the Artist Summit Pass (no accommodation option), until those are sold out.

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John Borrows Receives Canada Council Molson Prize

We are thrilled to congratulate Dr. John Borrows, Nexen Chair in Indigenous Leadership at Banff Centre, on his Canada Council Molson Prize. The Molson Prizes are awarded to two people who have distinguished themselves by their outstanding achievements.

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Certificate of Leadership Practice

Register for a fall Leadership Intensive and work toward your certificate. The Certificate of Leadership Practice enables culture-shapers and change-makers to cultivate core leadership practices of meaning making and purposeful action. It is awarded to individuals who have made a significant commitment to their learning by completing four Leadership Intensives over the course of three years.

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Business and Leadership Programs – (formerly known as Professional Programs, Government Studies)

Business and Leadership Programs provides the educational requirements for the Society of Local Government Managers. The successful completion of these programs provides members with the opportunity to apply for professional accreditation and use of the designation Certified Local Government Manager (CLGM). For more information.

Additional Educational Opportunities for Alberta Students - Dalhousie University

Municipal managers, administrators and local government staff members in Alberta will now be able to enroll in in NACLAA Levels I and II through Dalhousie University.

Students currently taking NACLAA courses from another academic institution are able to transfer completed courses, and receive credit for these completed courses, towards the appropriate Dalhousie University NACLAA certificate.

For more information click here | Course Descriptions | To register click here |

Executive Certificate in Local Government

Dalhousie University’s Local Government Program is happy to offer the new Executive Certificate in Local Government.

This unique ten (10) unit online program starting April, 15, 2018 will cover:

  • Challenges and emerging practices for service excellence
  • Strategic alignment
  • Collaboration imperatives
  • Policy making
  • Council-Staff relations
  • The illusive public interest

We have designed a convenient way for you to join us, as your schedule permits, to view interviews with leading experts, read significant literature and interact with your colleagues. The prestigious Executive Leadership Certificate in Local Government is awarded to participants who satisfy the academic requirements.

Elected Officials and Senior Municipal staff whose professional responsibility requires them to interact with Council are invited to apply for this unique program.

Program Facilitator — Gordon McIntosh, PhD & CLGM has 36 years of executive, consultant and educator roles in local and regional government. Dr. McIntosh’s current research is focused on the situational leadership success of Chief Administrative O­fficers.

Join your peers and thought leaders for a timely opportunity to discuss contemporary matters facing elected and appointed executives in local and regional governments.

The final Intake date for the next offering of the Executive program is August 27, 2018. The program will run September 24 - December 10, 2018

For more information on this program, click here: Executive Certificate in Local Government

Information Leaflet

To apply, click here: Application Form

If you have any questions regarding this program or any of the other certificates offered by the Local Government Program, please contact Shelby Lang, Program Manager at or 902-494-7459.

“Make a leadership difference”

The Local Government Leadership (LGL) Institute is dedicated to helping civic officials make a leadership difference in local government throughout Canada and overseas.
Local government officials do not gain legitimacy through a license to practice like a medical doctor. It comes from adding value to local government processes and community futures while rooting themselves in professional values.

The term ‘leadership’ was rarely used to describe either the political or managerial imperatives of local government. Now, perhaps the most important and commonly-shared understanding in the sector is that high-quality leadership is vital. It is the key to the continued improvement of the sector and its credibility and reputation with the public it serves.

The LGL Institute was established to assist civic officials in building their professional leadership competencies. Alumni of LGL programs have become a network world-wide sharing their challenges, expertise and success with others to transform their communities

Local Government Leadership Insitute  
Phone: 250 727 0156
Cell: 250 881 0761
Fax: 250 727 0124

Royal Roads University (VICTORIA, BC)
Master of Business Administration

  • Royal Roads University, situated in Victoria, British Columbia, is offering an MBA in Executive Management for educational administrators.
  • The Royal Roads MBA is flexible and is designed for mid-career professionals currently involved in administration, educational, business or support functions in public or private institutions or organizations.
  • The two-year program is delivered through a combination of Internet-based distance learning and three short (three week) intensive residency sessions.
  • In addition to the core MBA curriculum, the program includes an organizational consulting project and four full-course specialized options in educational administration and management.

For more information, please access the RRU website at or e-mail The toll-free telephone number is 1-877-778-6227

Olds College

It's Here, Hot off the Press!

Twice annually, we produce our Olds College Continuing Education Academic Calendar which outlines our many short courses, distance and online learning opportunities, as well as our corporate training offerings. Hot off the press, we are proud to offer you our Fall-Winter Calendar, which term runs from now until December, 2019.

There's plenty to see, so just click on the cover image below and let us take you away!

Questions? Give us a call toll-free at: 1-800-661-6537
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Olds College

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Welcome to Alberta's Peer Network
You're constantly working to bring diverse groups of people together and get the job done.
The Peer Network for Dispute Resolution is a partnership that has created a group of peer mentors who municipal leaders can contact to obtain advice and/or assistance to help address local issues. Partnering organizations, including AAMDC, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, the Local Government Administration Association, and the Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators Association each have two mentors representing their association. Other partners that help guide the program include Alberta Municipal Affairs, the Society of Local Government Managers, and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society.

Municipal disputes are a unique blend of issues and personalities. Municipal leaders who have successfully resolved disputes are in the best position to offer advice about the challenges of finding solutions that benefit all involved.

Consider calling one of our peer mentors. These senior leaders can talk to you about your unique situation, suggest alternatives and give you a hand when you need.


Foundation of Administrative Justice

Presenting Cases Before Tribunals
September 23 & 24

Instructor: Leila Gosselin

Participants learn how to prepare an effective case before a tribunal or decision maker. They discover what matters to decision makers. Participants will practice particular skills and techniques through a mock hearing.

This workshop qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).

14 Education Credits

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Principles of Administrative Justice
September 25 & 26

Instructor: Nancy Hack

This two-day introductory or refresher course for administrative tribunal appointees, staff and advocates is prepared and delivered by tribunal members. This course is designed to provide participants with a better understanding of their broader role and responsibilities of tribunal members and tribunal processes.

This workshop qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).

14 Education Credits

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Decision Making
September 30 & October 1

Instructor: Carol Zukiwski

This two-day course gives participants a structure for and experience with a practical decision making process. Participants work with a model for decision making to gain confidence in its use. The course covers key elements of solid decision making:

This workshop qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).

14 Education Credits

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Decision Writing
October 8 & 9

Instructor: Leila Gosselin

This two-day course gives participants a structure for and experience with a practical decision making process. Participants work with a model for decision making to gain confidence in its use. The course covers key elements of solid decision making:

This workshop qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).

14 Education Credits

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Effective Hearings
October 21 & 22

Instructor: Leila Gosselin

This two-day course helps tribunal members acquire the skills necessary to conduct hearings within the context of an administrative tribunal. It will assist participants to appreciate fair hearing principles, refresh the guidelines for admitting evidence, recognize issues that arise in hearings; conduct hearings more effectively, and gain confidence in conducting hearings within their tribunal context.

This workshop qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).

14 Education Credits

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October 23 & 24

Instructor: Dolores Herman & Deborah Howes

This two-day course deals with all aspects of an investigation at a basic to intermediate level. The focus is on the investigator's preparation, skills, information gathering, report writing and fairness. Topics will include the terms of reference or jurisdiction of the investigator, the requirement for fair process, the investigation plan, the objective standard, interviewing witnesses and gathering documents, and the impact of personal observation.

This workshop qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).

14 Education Credits

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October 23 & 24

Instructor: Archie Zariski

This course is designed to assist tribunal members, administrators and advocates in learning new skills and tools related to working with gathering, admitting and weighing evidence. Through lecture and large and small group exercises, participants will practice dealing with evidentiary applications and common evidentiary issues, such as relevance and admissibility of evidence and assessing credibility within their tribunal context.

This workshop qualifies for the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice™ (CTAJ™).

14 Education Credits

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Download Our Full 2019 Course Calendar by Clicking Here.

Since January 1, 2009 the Foundation of Administrative Justice offers the Certificate in Tribunal Administrative Justice (CTAJ™). A first in Canada, this Certificate assists tribunals and participants to evaluate and support competencies in administrative justice roles.