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Chief Administrative Officer
Local Authority: Lethbridge County
Location: Lethbridge, Akberta
Closing Date: 1/22/2018

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of Lethbridge County retired in September 2017 and an experienced Interim CAO has been in place to provide continuity and support Council’s goal of an efficient and effective transition to a permanent appointment. Council now invites applications from suitably qualified and interested individuals to fill the permanent position.

The preferred qualifications for the position are:

Certified Local Government Manager (CLGM) designation in Alberta or completion of pre- requisites to register and complete the CLGM designation through the Alberta Society of Local Government Managers; or similar local government professional certification in another province or territory;

Bachelor’s degree or two-year diploma with agricultural core content in the program;

Managerial experience in local government and/or private industry in which agriculture is the major economic driver;

Advanced interaction skills in leadership, decision-making analysis and multiple stakeholder relations;

A professional designation such as CPA, P. Eng., P. Geo, P.E. or RPP will add value;

Other combinations of experience, formal knowledge and professional achievement will be considered.

Located in the heart of Southwestern Alberta, which is celebrated for having a climate and landscape amenable to contemporary agriculture, Lethbridge County is the "Pride of the Region". The County and the City of Lethbridge share 50 km of border, creating a spatial relationship that has been fortuitous across a wide range of intermunicipal economic, political and community activities that tend to buffer the region from the boom-bust cycles of hydrocarbon industries.

We invite you to explore our website at to learn more about why Lethbridge County is unique among Alberta’s rural municipalities. Our 2016 Annual Report can be found in the Publications section on the Home page. Also on the Home page is a section titled: "Funding Our Future" that is a "must read" for CAO applicants. The Market Access Network represents a current organizational capacity challenge of significance that may have an extended time horizon.

Applications for the CAO employment opportunity will close on January 22, 2018. Please submit your cover letter and resume electronically to Requests for further information may be directed here also.

This employment opportunity has been circulated by the Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta. The Society has been providing this service to all municipalities and its members since 1993.

The cost for a single job posting is $157.50. If multiple postings are submitted within 24 hours then the cost structure would be:

  • First Post: $157.50
  • Second Post: $141.75
  • Third, Fouth, Fifth, etc. Post(s): $131.25