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What's On First Base? UPDATE
Local Authority: Local Govt. Leadership & SLGM
Location: Claresholm, Alberta
Closing Date: 12/1/2017

What’s on First Base? -  Dec. 1, 2017 
Claresholm, Alberta.

This session is only being offered in Claresholm, Alberta.

The Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta is hosting a highly interactive opportunity for CAOs, senior managers and elected officials to get off to a good start after the elections – determine council priorities and align business plans with organizational capacity.

Participants will learn new concepts and share ideas to:

   - Deal with real life challenges facing participants;

- Immediately apply and share Tool Kit techniques; and

- Sharpen their leadership skills to make an immediate difference 
   in their role and organization.

Click here for the brochure

Down load the Registration form

This employment opportunity has been circulated by the Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta. The Society has been providing this service to all municipalities and its members since 1993.

The cost for a single job posting is $157.50. If multiple postings are submitted within 24 hours then the cost structure would be:

  • First Post: $157.50
  • Second Post: $141.75
  • Third, Fouth, Fifth, etc. Post(s): $131.25