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Local Authority: Village of Stirling
Location: Stirling, Alberta
Closing Date: 11/30/2018

Located just 20 minutes south of Lethbridge, Stirling is one of the largest Villages in Alberta.  This vibrant and growing community is home to over 1200 residents and offers a safe, caring and family focused lifestyle.  The Village offers a high standard of living with conveniences beyond what is normally expected of communities of similar size including a newly modernized K-12 school, recently renovated swimming pool, community centre and various other recreational facilities and business amenities.

The Village of Stirling is seeking an inspirational and engaging leader to be our new Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). This is an exciting opportunity for a high energy and exceptional individual to play a key role in shaping our community by leading, mentoring and inspiring Village employees to achieve Council’s strategic mission and vision.

The CAO has a dynamic position working with Council and staff in managing and directing the overall planning, coordination and control of all municipal operations. The CAO oversees a combined budget of approximately $2 million and an employee base of over 6 employees. This key leadership position is instrumental for the Village to meet its strategic objectives and the day to day needs of its residents through municipal services such as recreation, utilities, infrastructure, public safety, development and planning.

The ideal candidate will have a post-secondary education in a related field with proven technical skills in municipal administration, financial management, strategic planning and human resource management.   A CLGM designation or equivalent professional designation is desirable.  This person will also show a consistent pattern of continued learning and personal improvement, professional ethics, innovation and problem solving skills, excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a willingness to be visible in the community.

Individuals interested in this position should send a resume, cover letter and at least three professional references attention CAO Recruitment, Village of Stirling, Box 360, Stirling, Alberta T0K 2E0, or email

For additional information including a position profile, please email
or call 587-997-2179.

The selection committee intends to review applications as received and applications will continue to be accepted until the right candidate is found.

Posting Date: November 1, 2018

Posting Expires: November 30, 2018

The Village’s mission is: to create a vibrant community that promotes sustainable growth, noticeable community spirit, and a safe, caring, and family focused lifestyle.

Position Profile

Chief Administrative Officer

The Village

The Village of Stirling is in Southern Alberta about 20 minutes southeast of Lethbridge. The Chief Administrative Officer is a strong, innovative, highly motivated team player with progressive leadership qualities.

Our Vision

Council recognizes our ideal image of the future where the Village of Stirling:

  • Provides quality programs and services that enhance quality of family life beyond what is expected of communities of similar size and actively encourage community spirit.

  • Builds upon our past successes to continually improve infrastructure and be widely recognized with a powerful brand for a clean and attractive unique community.

  • Recognizes the importance of our heritage and designation as a National Historic Site  to leverage the tourism opportunities it creates.

  • Operates an innovative and flexible administrative organization that proactively addresses emerging trends and ensures a financially sustainable future.

  • Facilitates an open, receptive and participatory governance process where community input and involvement is closely linked to the decision making process.

  • Builds collaborative partnerships within the region to drive economic development and support anticipated growth.

  • Continually improves programs, services and strategies to promote a safe and secure community.


To achieve this vision the Village with focus on 4 strategic or essential pillars: Infrastructure, Development, Financial Sustainability and Community Engagement.

Council and Administration

The Village of Stirling is governed by a Mayor and four elected Councilors working with staff to provide a complete range of municipal services to the community.

The Chief Administrative Officer has a dynamic position working with Council and staff to provide leadership and managerial expertise for the community. This position is also active on a regional and provincial level in promoting the interests of the Village and urban municipalities in general.

Municipal Services

The Municipal organization is responsible for administrative services, community development and planning, public works, safety services, and environmental services. The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible to: implement Council’s vision, mission, directions, provide advice, managerial expertise and leadership for the organization.   

The Position – Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

The CAO assists and advises Council in directing the overall planning, coordination and control of all Municipal operations in accordance with the vision, objectives, policies, budget and plans approved by Council.  The CAO performs the statutory requirements as outlined in the Municipal Government Act and ensures compliance with applicable statutory regulations.


In addition to the duties and responsibilities prescribed in the Municipal Government Act, other legislation, Village Bylaws, Policies and any additional duties assigned from time to time by Council, the CAO:

  1. Recommends objectives, policies and programs to Council.  Assists and advises Council in all areas, including implementation and monitoring of progress of those policies and programs approved by Council.  Evaluates and recommends improvements as required.

  2. Guides all Departments in the performance of their duties.  Communicates Council decisions, requests or recommendations to the respective Departments.  Promotes inter-departmental cooperation and assists in coordinating inter-departmental activities.  Recommends to Council, any necessary changes in duties, responsibilities or authority of Departments.

  3. Responsible for hiring, training and annual evaluation of all Department Heads and advise council of such.  Ensures discipline procedures are administered equitably in accordance with approved policy and/or guidelines.  Has authority to hire, dismiss or discipline all staff.  Directs the activities of the Department Heads.  Develops and modifies, from time to time, their duties or responsibilities.

  4. Monitors adherence to policies, organization and procedures by Village staff and recommends improvements as required.

  5. Coordinates the prompt and proper handling of all requests, inquiries and complaints by the public.  Demonstrates and promotes the development of good public relations with staff, the public and other external representatives, including Provincial Government Departments.

  6. Attends all Regular and Special meetings of Council and other meetings, as requested by Council, and advises on relevant matters. 

  7. Monitors and ensures the accurate handling of all official Village correspondence and preservation of all official documents.

  8. Drafts bylaws, prepares meeting agendas, resolutions, and organizes scheduling for Council.

  9. Authorizes the purchase of materials and supplies within established budgets, guidelines and policies.

  10. Manages the development and implementation of the annual Budget process, which results in accurate operating and capital estimates being submitted to Council for review and subsequent approval, in accordance with MGA requirements.

  11. Responsible for research and application of grant funding applicable to the Village.

  12. Responsible for residential and commercial development, economic development, and emergency management requirements within the Village.

  13. Performs other duties as required by Council.

Person Specifications

1.        Education

A post-secondary education, or a combination of relevant training and senior leadership experience will be considered. Post-secondary education in Public or Business Administration, a CLGM designation, or a related professional designation is desirable.

  1. Experience (breadth & depth)

The ideal candidate will have a combination of the following management experiences, preferably in a municipal government setting:

  1. Experience building successful teams and a cohesive administrative program and service delivery system.

  2. Successful experience as a CAO, a senior municipal management capacity or department head experience in at least one of the key service areas, i.e. community services, corporate services, infrastructure services, development and assessment services.

  3. Experience in working with government officials and business.

  4. Positive record of working effectively with elected officials, volunteer boards and committees, and public participation process in policy formation and service delivery.

  5. Proven ability in working effectively with staff.

  6. Proven experience in strategic planning, organizational development, and achieving results in labour relations.

    3.        Skills and Attributes

The CAO will have a progressive leadership record demonstrating positive relationships with elected officials, staff and the community.  The CAO will feel equally comfortable as a senior manager or as a "hands-on" team participant.  Among other attributes, the following will be important:

Leadership Skills - Demonstrates a visionary leadership style while giving guidance and support.  A mentor and positive role model who displays a strong ability to find innovative solutions combined with a practical and common-sense approach.

Management Skills - Demonstrates a style that actively promotes involvement with staff with an emphasis on motivating and encouragement of people, teams and activities.

Strategic and Business Planning - Provides executive leadership to all planning initiatives and ensures accountability for achievement of results.

Communication Skills - A clear, concise and positive communicator who is able to build trust through presenting ideas clearly and listening effectively to others.

Interpersonal Skills - Works well with people from all disciplines and is sensitive to diverse needs with the proven ability to integrate teams.  Has an ability to motivate and work positively with community volunteers and organizations.

A Professional - Acts as an integral part of an administrative team and displays a "first amongst equals" style with high ethical standards and an honest, open and consistent approach to working with staff and citizens.

Financial Management - A proven ability to work in a fiscal environment of growth and leads with a strong sense of service.  Timely and efficient in all budgeting, financing and information reporting.

Volunteer Service - Presents a strong commitment to comprehensive community services, a demonstrated belief in voluntarism and a willingness to be visible in the community.

Self-Confidence - Possesses confidence in own skills and abilities, is able to make difficult decisions and stand by them and demonstrate a positive attitude.

Organizing Skills - Possesses the ability to identify and prioritize ongoing tasks to ensure completion in a timely manner of a variety of assignments while ensuring an efficient and effective administration that is service oriented.

Politically Astute - Knows and understands legislative and regulatory processes and has an intuitive ability to read the political implications of recommendations and actions.

Customer Service - Confidence in ensuring customer needs are identified and addressed; ensures consultation with all residents in the development of quality service.

Human Resource Management - Requires excellent human resource knowledge and interpersonal skills to work positively with management and staff.  Sensitive and caring with the ability to bring diverse individuals and program initiatives together using strong negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Professional Development - Identifies and participates in opportunities to further personal knowledge and qualifications relevant to the responsibilities of the CAO.

This employment opportunity has been circulated by the Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta. The Society has been providing this service to all municipalities and its members since 1993.

The cost for a single job posting is $157.50. If multiple postings are submitted within 24 hours then the cost structure would be:

  • First Post: $157.50
  • Second Post: $141.75
  • Third, Fouth, Fifth, etc. Post(s): $131.25