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Posting Date Job Title County Location
  March 11, 2020   Chief of Staff/Deputy CAO   Town of Crossfield   Crossfield, Alberta
  February 3, 2020   Manager of Legislative Services and Information Governance and Management   City of Airdrie   Airdrie, Alberta
  February 1, 2020   Director of Protective & Emergency Services Competition 01-2020   Town of Fox Creek   Fox Creek, Alberta
  November 27, 2019   Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)   Town of Redcliff   Redcliff, AB
  November 19, 2019   Legislative Officer 78-2019   Sturgeon County   Morinville, AB
  October 5, 2019   CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER (CAO)   Thorhild County   Thorhild, Alberta
  August 8, 2019   CAO   Summer Villages Administration   Summer Villages on Sylvan Lake, Alberta
  July 23, 2019   Manager, Community Services   Sturgeon County   Morinville, Alberta
  July 16, 2019   Director of Public Works   Municipal District of Taber   Taber, Alberta
  February 8, 2019   2019 Mountain Resfresher|MAL Workshop   Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta   Kananaskis Alberta