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SLGM Award or Excellence

As the Society of Local Government Managers entered the twenty-second century, it like many other organizations and professions looked for a way to celebrate the new millennium and acknowledge the contributions Society members have made and continue to make in the field of Local Government Administration. In 2002 the SLGM Award or Excellence became a reality with the support and sponsorship of the legal firm of Brownlee Fryett.

The SLGM Award or Excellence recognizes the efforts, contributions and continuing learning process individuals make in their pursuit of excellence and desire to have a positive impact on or in their community in relation to the field of local government management. This award is open to any regular, associate, or student member of the Society of Local Government Managers.

Annually, each board member has the challenging task of reviewing the individual nominations for this prestigious award and forwarding his nomination to Brownlee Fryett who has one vote and as the final judge, and the only individuals aware who the successful candidate is. Nominees are judged on criteria that include the continued pursuit of education and or professional development, exemplary service and dedication in the field of local government administration, their impact on the profession of local government management, and attendance at the Municipal Administration Leadership Workshop and Awards Ceremony.

The SLGM Award or Excellence is presented at the Awards Banquet during the Annual Municipal Administration Leadership Workshop by a member of the firm of Brownlee LLP. The award consists of a keepsake bronze buffalo crafted by Cornie Martens of the Lost Wax Bronze Ltd. along with a cash award of $3,000 to be spent on a continuing education course of study.

Updated 05 March 2005