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Past Award Reciepts

2018 Award of Excellence Recipient
Kelly Calhoun, CLGM, CAO, Village of Foremost

Rick Binnendyk"I would like to thank the Society of Local Government Board Members, Executive Director Linda Davies and Brownlee LLP for the 2018 Award of Excellence. Receiving this award is definitely a highlight of my career. I am truly honoured to be recognized by my peers with the support of Village of Foremost council, staff and others who provided letters of support for this award. Local government management has been a challenging and fulfilling career path which has required a variety of skills. I have always believed that lifelong learning is critical to enhance the ability to provide leadership to the communities we serve and the financial contribution will assist in continuing with professional development."

Kelly Calhoun, CLGM


2017 Award of Excellence Recipient
Rick Binnendyk, CLGM, CAO, Town of Penhold

Rick Binnendyk"Receiving the 2017 Award of Excellence was an unexpected honour. Thank you to Brownlee LLP and the Society of Local Government Managers for sponsoring this SLGM Award of Excellence. You help us to be the best we can be in your ongoing support and commitment making municipal leadership training a priority.

Thank you to my management team, who assisted to bring forward and encouraged the letters of support from varying sources for this sponsorship award. "You're the Best"

As team lead we believe and instill to all our staff the importance of learning/training for the future and what better way than working & learning together as a team. You made my career enjoyable and fulfilled my heart's desire for a cohesive team working together bettering our community.

With respect and gratitude"

Rick Binnendyk

2016 Award of Excellence Recipient
Tony Kulbisky, CLGM, CAO, Town of Devon

"I would like to personally thank the Board of the Society of Local Government Managers of Alberta, Executive Director - Linda Davies and the firm of Brownlee LLP for bestowing the honor of receiving the nod for the 2016 Award of Excellence. I was truly humbled by the announcement of my name during the awards banquet and am very honored that I was selected as this year's recipient. I want to thank the Town of Devon for putting forth my nomination and all those whom provided letters of support. I would also like to thank all the elected officials and municipal employees that I have had the pleasure of working with past and present that have helped in the development and progression of my career in municipal government over the years. In closing a big thanks to my family, specifically my Wife, Mik and my three adult children, Stefan, Taylor and Delaney for their continued support and love over the years."

Past Award Reciepts

2015 Award of Excellence Recipient
Dean Krause CLGM, CAO, Town of Westlock

"I would like to thank the Society and Brownlee LLP for the Award of Excellence. I was truly honoured and surprised that I was selected as this year’s recipient. A lot of thanks has to go out to my Council and staff that nominated me. It was a humbling experience and I cannot express enough that any achievement I have been a part of is because of them.

I would also like to thank the Society, the Board members and Executive Director Linda Davies. Your efforts are greatly appreciated in advancing local government management. The CLGM program, the Mountain Refresher and the ongoing support the Society provides has been instrumental in my development as a CAO. Being honoured with the award from the Society is no doubt a pinnacle in my career."

2014 Award of Excellence Recipient
Norman McInnis, CLGM, CAO Town of Olds

"Like most in public service, individual accolades and awards are not something that we strive for and accomplishments are seldom achieved by oneself. I must say though that this particular award is very satisfying and I consider it a great achievement. I would like to thank the staff and Council at the Town of Olds for the work that they put into nominating me for this award, to the selection committee for considering my career accomplishments and to Brownlee LLP for their continued sponsorship and support of local government in Alberta.

I believe that a key to continued success is lifelong learning. My hope is to share my learning with our Society members and to continue to raise the bar of professionalism in local government administration. "

2012 Award of Excellence Recipient
Rob Stoutenberg CLGM, CAO Town of Stettler

"I am very honoured to be this year’s recipient of the Award of Excellence. Local government has been my passion and it is nice to be recognized by friends in the industry. I would like to thank the Society and Brownlee LLP for the award and for the contribution to further professional development."

2011 Award of Excellence Recipient
Tony Martens CLGM, CAO for Mountain View County

"To be honoured by my peers with the support of my council and community has been the greatest achievement in my career. Thank you to the Society for having the foresight to create this award and to Brownlee LLP for their support and belief of 'Excellence in Local Government'"

2010 Award or Excellence Recipient
Terry Hager, County Commissioner, Lacombe County

Doug Topinka"As the recipient of the 2010 Award of Excellence I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Brownlee LLP and the Society of Local Government Managers for sponsoring the SLGM Award of Excellence. The Award of Excellence serves to elevate the Certified Local Government Managers profession and provides members with an incentive to pursue the highest level of educational throughout their career.

Receiving the SLGM Award of Excellence was a pinnacle point in my career and would not have been possible without the support of my family, peers and colleagues. Being recognized by peer is one of the greatest tributes that can be paid to an individual and I am truly thankful to all who have helped me though out my career.

I have always believed that ongoing professional development is critical to any successful career path.  The financial component of this award will allow me to access educational opportunities in financial management that would not otherwise be possible. The award has acted as a catalyst to reinvigorate my interest in further education and formulate a vision for the balance of my career."


2009 Award or Excellence Recipient
Doug Topinka

Doug Topinka"I have found the whole experience to be very humbling as to me there is no greater honor than to be recognized by your peers for your work in your profession. I would like to thank the SLGM Board of Directors, members and Brownlee LLP for this great honor. I have been a CAO for 34 years and without a doubt this is the highlight of my career. This award provides a goal for everyone to strive for as they work through their careers in local government management. The SLGM has done an excellent job over the years of raising and promoting the image of our profession in Alberta as well as providing excellent educational and professional development opportunities. I am a firm believer in life long learning and it is built into my whole organization. Currently in my office my assistant is a CLGM and I have two others presently working on their NACLAA Level I courses. I look forward to putting my $3,000.00 award towards improving my skills in conflict resolution and mentoring. Finally, I would especially like to thank my staff and council for nominating me as well as all those that provided letters of support. "


2008 Award of Excellence Recipient
J. Scott Barton, Chief Administrative Officer, Raymond & Stirling

"I would like to thank Brownlee LLP and the Society of Local Government Managers for this award and educational opportunity. I am deeply touched.

To enhance and promote the professional practice of local government management and to ensure that educational opportunities are provided to improve our management abilities is the purpose of the Society. We are truly fortunate to have such an organization.

Local government management is a diverse and complex profession. Lifelong learning is an important component of our profession and the leadership we provide in our Communities and this Province. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to further my education and ability to serve."

J. Scott Barton, CMC, CLGM, MBA
Chief Administrative Officer
Raymond & Stirling


2006 Award of Excellence Recipient
FRANK COUTNEY, CLGM, County Administrator - County of Wetaskiwin # 10

"It was an honor and a pleasure to receive the 2006 Society of Local Government Managers Award of Excellence and to be included with the outstanding group of managers who have received this award in the past.

The role of the Society of Local Government Managers in providing for education and professional development of local government managers is a very important role that has brought an increased level of professionalism to local government administration. Over the next few years professionalism and education will be more and more important as a large portion of senior managers retire and we strive to fill those positions with knowledgeable candidates.

I would like to thank Brownlee LLP for the sponsorship of this award and the Society of Local Government Managers board and membership for their dedication and vision for local governance. This is an award that individuals can strive to achieve as they work through their careers in local government."

County Administrator
County of Wetaskiwin # 10


2005 Award of Excellence Recipient
Darryl Rubis, CLGM - Leduc Co.

"As I mentioned when I went up to receive the award at the Society of Local Government Manager's banquet in Kananaskis, I have a great deal of respect for people who work in Local Government . Municipal employees work hard and sincerely care about the service they provide. Because of this regard, this award means a lot to me. I sincerely appreciate the sponsorship of the award by Brownlee LLP and the Society of Local government Managers. The award provides an opportunity for a high level training course/workshop that often is not available because of budgetary constraints.

One of the main areas of service that I provide to Leduc County is in the discipline of Human Resources. I will be using the $3000 award to further my skills in Human Resources. I am looking at a course at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario or possibly attending the American Human Resources Workshop/Conference in 2006. The President of the Human Resources Institute of Alberta suggested this workshop/conference as an terrific learning opportunity.

Thanks has to be extended to Mr Doug Wright,County Manager, and Reeve John Whaley ,and others, who provided letters of support on my behalf."

Darryl Rubis, CLGM


2004 Award of Excellence Recipient
Maisie Metrunec, CAO - Town of Gibbons

Massie Metrunec"To have been chosen by my peers to receive the CLGM Award of Excellence was definitely the highlight of my career. I believe that this was the one time in my life that I actually could not speak because of the surprise and overwhelming feelings that took place within me. I display my award in my Office where everyone can see it. I am just so proud of it. I would especially like to thank the CLGM and Brownlee LLP. The cash award was used to attend an intensive course on Financial Planning for Retirement which entailed a group theory and then a one on one Councilling direction. I also took a course on how to operate a small independent business."

Maisie Metrunec, CLGM
CAO Town of Gibbons


2003 Award of Excellence Recipient
Larry E. Kirkpatrick, CLGM
Commissioner – Sturgeon County

“The SLGM Award of Excellence is shared not only with myself but also my peers. Peer recognition as it relates to contributions to public administration in my area.

Having the Society present this award solidifies, confirms and shows my peers throughout the province that my belief and commitment to continuing education and ongoing professional development helped me attain this prestigious award.

The financial award allowed me to undertake training I would not be able to do otherwise”


Larry E. Kirkpatrick, CLGM
Commissioner – Sturgeon County


2002 Award of Excellence Recipient
Jack Ramme, CLGM
CAO – Yellowhead County

"As an active practitioner in the field of local governance, lifelong learning has become a required necessity to succeed in this ever changing field. The dynamics of the profession are such that a successful CAO must be skilled in many areas of expertise ranging from general management skills in the areas of financial management, human relations skills, communications, legal issues, and so forth as well as being conversant with the issues surrounding issues such as road construction, water/sewer infrastructure etc. We all know it is a challenging and diverse career path.

The Society of Local Government Managers acknowledgement of members needs for continuing education and the subsequent establishment of the “Award of Excellence” is a great testament to the support our Society has for supporting members ongoing training and educational needs.

As a recipient of the inaugural “Award of Excellence” I can speak first hand as to the benefit this initiative has had on my own educational requirements. I have always been and continue to be a supporter of life long learning, and this award has helped me to continue on my quest for further education.

Shortly after receiving the award, I enrolled into Athabasca University into the Bachelor of Management Degree program. Although it is sometimes difficult to balance the interests of full time employment with family and university commitments, the rewards are truly worthy. The courses I have completed to date have be very beneficial to my career path, and I am most grateful to the Society and to Brownlee LLP for the establishment of the Award of Excellence which facilitated this new opportunity for me.

I would strongly encourage all my colleagues to continue on a path of life long learning, and to consider applying for the Award of Excellence to help facilitate your educational ambitions."


Jack Ramme, CLGM
CAO – Yellowhead County