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Strategic Plan 2017-2020

2017 -2020

Professional management delivering quality local government services and programs.
To serve the public and ensure that educational opportunities are provided to improve the management abilities of those involved in local government administration.

Strategic Priorities

Priority 1: Become recognized as the premier provider of quality professional development for municipal administration in Alberta.

Strategic Objectives:

1.1  Provide and promote quality professional development opportunities.

1.2  Strive to become the top‐of‐mind contact for municipal leaders seeking services and professional development.

Primary Outcome: A stronger municipal sector with more highly qualified and competent leaders.

Priority 2: Increase awareness and relevance by promoting SLGM's unique position in the municipal sector.

Strategic Objectives:

2.1 Promote and enhance local government management as an important profession.

2.2 Raise awareness and develop partnership incentives with employers.

2.3 Pursue steps for legislation of CAO qualifications with CLGM being one option.

Primary Outcome: Increased awareness of the CLGM designation and greater understanding of SLGM and the differences from other municipal organizations within the sector.

Priority 3: Provide and promote value‐added services and benefits to attract new members and retain existing members.

Strategic Objectives:

3.1  Formalize and promote existing offerings.

3.2  Determine top value‐added services and explore future needs based on member feedback.

Primary Outcome: Increased new membership/retention of existing members for organizational sustainability.

Priority 4: Foster relationships with other municipal entities and related stakeholders.

Strategic Objectives:

4.1  Leverage strengths to develop a deliberate plan to increase awareness and understanding among the Society's stakeholders.

4.2  Develop champions and vocal advocates by engaging elected officials.

Primary Outcome: Greater influence, increased recognition and credibility of CLGM and the designation among elected officials.

Priority 5: Ensure strategic risks are effectively managed.

Strategic Objectives:

5.1 Review qualifying eligibility for credentialing for membership.

5.2 Maintain administrative continuity and effectiveness.

Primary Outcome: Organizational stability and continuity.

Priority 6: Business Continuity Activities.

Strategic Objectives:

6.1 Pursue actions to ensure the NACLAA education program continues.

Primary Outcome: Routine Conduct of Business.