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About Us

Code of Ethics

  1. A member shall be dedicated to the concept of effective and democratic local Government by responsible elected officials and believe that professional management is essential to the achievement of this objective.

  2. A member shall affirm the dignity and worth of the services rendered by government and maintain a constructive, creative, and practical attitude toward local Government and a sense of social responsibility as a trusted public servant.

  3. A member shall be dedicated to the highest ideals of honour and integrity in all public and personal relationships in order that the member may merit the respect and confidence of the elected officials, of other officials and employees and of the public.

  4. A member shall recognize that the chief function of local government is at all times to serve the best interests of all of the people.

  5. A member shall provide elected officials with facts and advice on matters of policy as a basis for making decisions and setting goals and a member shall uphold, implement and execute policies adopted by elected officials.

  6. A member shall refrain from political participation in the election of the members of the employing legislative body and from all political activities which could impair the member's performance as a professional administrator or which could harm the member's employer.

  7. A member shall endeavour through education and by other means available to continually improve the member's ability as a professional administrator and a member shall endeavour to develop the competence and abilities of associates in the use of management techniques.

  8. A member shall endeavour to keep the community informed on local Government affairs; encourage communication and dialogue between the members of the public and the officers and employees of local Government; emphasize friendly and courteous service to the public and seek to improve the quality and image of public service.

  9. A member shall endeavour to resist any encroachment on the member's professional responsibilities, believing that members should be free to carry out official policies without interference, and a member should endeavour to handle each problem without discrimination on the basis of principle and justice.

  10. A member shall endeavour to handle all personnel matters fairly and impartially.

  11. A member shall not enter into any agreement or undertake any activity which may be in conflict with the interests of the member's employer or which would prejudice the performance of the member's professional duties

  12. A member shall inform his employer of any interests, affiliations or relationships which the member's employer might reasonably be expected to be informed of.

  13. A member may be subject to suspension or expulsion from membership in the Society pursuant to the Local Government Managers' Regulation and at the discretion of the Discipline Committee and may be struck from the register of members in any of the following instances:

    i) If the member's conduct arising through incompetence or otherwise is incompatible with the best interests of the public or of the members of the Society or tends to harm the standing of the Society generally;

    ii) If the member is convicted of an offence punishable by imprisonment for five (5) or more years or an offence under section 123, 124 or 125 of the Criminal Code (Canada); or

    iii) If the member fails or refuses to abide by and comply with the Local Government Managers' Regulations, the Bylaws of the Society or requirement given to the member by the Board of the Society, the Practice Review Committee or the Discipline Committee.

(The above was an excert from slgm bylaws passed April 26/98)